Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Back!!!

We got back from Colorado on Monday night. Our good friends had a new baby girl (their 4th) and we girls (Bubba couldn't make it) took off across the country on Saturday the 16th. We arrived at our destination Sunday night.

We had a lot of fun, for starters, there was a new baby to hold...
and hold and look at and hold

Then there were old friends to play with (until this new baby (we'll call her Topo) all the girls line up within 7 months of each other Beanie and Tibbie are 6 months apart, Bear and Gabbie are 4 months apart and Monkey Face and Coco are 7 months apart)...

There was a pool to play in and hours of Marco Polo with which to torture the neighbors...

And there was sitting around to do...because WOO WHEE was that pool cold...

And then there were the evenings. I brought two six packs of glow sticks for night time fun. What could be better than six little girls scampering through the grass after dark with glow sticks?? Well, an uncle who is FULL of ideas of how to capture the moment on camera, of course...I give you "Weird glow stick shots a la The Camera King" (formerly known on this and my other blog as M.F.)...

Here we have "Kids Leaping with Glow Sticks"

"Outlined Coco with a yellow glow stick"

"Spooky Fire-Starter-Lookin' Bear"

"Tibbie the Butterfly"

"Butterfly Bean"

"But I DIDN'T want Antenae"
and "I wanted Fairy Wings" (the series)

Oh and did I mention there was a baby to look at???

See ya around...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Two weeks of Grandparents

Well I haven't been blogging much...or actually ANYWHERE on line much simply because life has been rolling along here. Starting the last week in July my folks came out to play.

During that time, swim team wrapped up for the summer. Swim team made for a pretty busy couple of months because it was every week day from the second week of June until the first week of August. Beanie had a great time. FINALLY something she could play HARD and not worry about hurting herself. We'll have to see if we can continue something "watery" through the winter. Here she is with her swim team medal.

Although we've been trying to keep schooling most of the summer, we did take a bit of a break while Grandma and Papa were here. Not much though, Grandma really likes schooling with us. Bubba took the day off and we all went to the aquarium...sadly we went on a Friday so it was pretty crowded...still we got to look at a few things. Lucky for you I didn't take video, as the surroundings were less than peaceful. Still the pictures LOOK peaceful...just don't imagine ANY screaming children wrestling just out of the shot (in one of these you can see the wrestling child's feet).

I'm so proud of this shot...I waited and waited and snapped it JUST in time to catch that shark startling can't see it in the picture but she actually GASPED...notice Monkey Face reacting to her.

Aren't Dads fun? Not only do they let you climb up on the rocks so you can see the crockil-gators being fed...but then they make the dismount funny with tickling!!

See ya around...