Sunday, June 10, 2012

Something Girly...

Well the house is getting to that age.  You know, stuff should probably be painted...carpets should probably be stretched...and it's been long enough that the stuff we REALLY liked has become commonplace.  Besides...those kids? They've gotten older...they have opinions now...they like "pretty" stuff.  Lucky for them, so does their momma.

So anyway, while they were at their Daddy's place this weekend, Grandma and I painted and primped and made an old boring place new and girly.

As always, on a project like this...I learned a TON of stuff.  Firstly, I do NOT like any version of pinkie/peachie color on the looks like base makeup and messes up my coloring in the mirror.  NOT interested.  But that IS what color the walls were just recently painted...and I was part of that decision.  All I can say is, "I repent", and MOOOOOVE on. So the peach had to go.

You probably remember, when we did Beanie's room, that we had Mrs. M and Mr. G. help us.  Well, Mr. G., I have discovered is a FABULOUS I sorta knew that, but you know how when you work with someone who is good at something and so you kind of think you must be good at it, too?  Well, let's just say, this "job" didn't go QUITE as smoothly as Bean's room and I'm pretty sure it was because Mr. G. wasn't here.

Stuff I learned by NOT having Mr. G here...I really am too clumsy NOT to matter that Mr. G. never tapes...I's WAY easier than having to clean up the spots you missed with the damp cloth.  Also, I'm not near as good at ceilings...although I don't hate it nearly as much as I thought that I would.

Now, I have learned that with every biggish project there WILL be something that goes wrong and this was NO DIFFERENT.  I've learned that I really REALLY don't like when my mommy decides to stand on the toilet seat because she is vertically challenged and can't reach to paint the high spots on the wall...AND the bolts on the toilet seat twist and send her flying through the air to land on the floor smacking her ribs on the side of the tub.  I DON'T like it at all!  (She is okay...bruised and scraped, but okay...however, I am still traumatized...)  (well...and praising the Lord that nothing worse happened.)

I also learned about toggle bolts.  I had never in my life played with these marvelous contraptions....and let me say, I most definitely played with one on this project.  I did it wrong EVERY SINGLE WAY possible before I finally got it right...I did everything BACKWARDS at least once...but you know what?  I totally figured it out...and I'm never going to forget it again.

So here it is, the girls' new bathroom...I tried every which way to take a picture of the whole thing and couldn' here are the highlights...notice the blue...WAY better than peachy/pink...


See ya around...