Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to the Movie...

Last night, I attended my weekly bible study. When I got home, I received an urgent invitation. It said, "Welcome to the Movie. It is called "The 2 boys that are lost. That are really girls" COME NOW."

Well it sounded like a real adventure to I rushed off, without my camera, to watch

After watching for mere seconds, I realized that this one should really be photographed. They'd worked on this a bit...had a costume change and everything.

So, they had to RE-dress and that would explain the slightly "out-of-character" face on Miss Monkey-Face in this shot...

See these two little girls were orphans...I am unsure as to their parents demise...but make no mistake, they were alone in the world...and there were bad guys (again, not positive who or what bad guys, as there was apparently a casting shortage) so they dressed up as boys to be safer in the world. (Boys, APPARENTLY, wear a LOT of clothing...I mean A LOT...big jackets, scarves and hats...AND one of the "boys" had to be pinned into her coat.)

Well, the "boys" made a grand entrance down the staircase...postured a bit about how sad they really were. (Bear's character was dutifully sad...Monkey Face doesn't really have the concept of "sad-in-character" down quite yet, besides her hat kept falling down and her coat was a little long...AND it was about 80 degrees in the house, so she was MOSTLY hot...and that emotion came through beautifully).

After about 10 seconds of establishing their SADNESS...the music started and the clothes came off...well the stage hand had to come in and un-pin Bear...she was JOYFUL about the removing of the had apparently been a trial for her.

But wait, there is more.

Not more STORY, mind you...more dancing. For some reason, not explained in the script, there was this stage hand...she stepped in for the the tallest, she, of course, lead all dancing...and she did have one line, "Where have you been all my life?" that accompanied a merry spin.

I laughed RIGHT OUT LOUD. They were so surprised, they actually slowed down. Apparently the time line switched a bit and these were no longer the LITTLE girls but old enough to have found SOMETHING in the stage hand...or the stage hand found something in them. It was a very confusing plot line, I'll give you that. So I decided to just sit back and watch them.

OH, were they having a good time...

There was even dipping...

When the music ended, they even, SORTA, bowed...

It was truly an enchanting production...

I found out later that there HAD been another "boy" originally cast, but as the third boy needed to help out with the costuming of the younger "boys", timing became the time the third "boy" had his costume on, the smallest, first "boy" dressed was suffering from heat stroke and had to be given copious amounts of water prior to the opening curtain.

One other piece of trivia from "The 2 Boys that are lost. That are really girls." The names of the original 3 boys were "Aidan, Ethan and Troy" and in the end the remaining boys were "Aidan and Troy", but their girl names were (ready?) "Buttercup and Star". I was informed LOUDLY that "Buttercup and Star" were INDEED not horse names.

I see.

See ya around...

P.S. After proof-reading this, it is NO wonder that one of the favorite words of my youngest is "apparently". Obviously, I need to get out my thesaurus and change that up a bit.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shoes Tripled...

See, I told ya we were alive.

Yesterday, we decided that it was time for Beanie to have some new tennies. The heel lift that she wears in her left shoe makes her outgrow shoes much faster than ever before.

So after lunch, I took Beanie and Bear shopping. Monkey Face went home with Daddy. After trying on shoe after shoe...and agonizing over the increasing ugliness of the choices, we came across those little pink Converse. I thought those would work, and I have always thought they were cute. And I know we are no longer IN the 80's but y'know, retro is cool.

So I went in search of bigger Converse. Well, of course, NOWADAYS, the girl Converse are low top (at least in this store). We tried them on, hoping against hope...Boy, were they cute...but to no avail. Bean's heel-lift is a 12mm which pretty much puts her right out of the top of most shoes and this was no different.

So before I allowed tragedy to reign...I thought..."Hey, maybe there will be something in the boys section...I mean c'mon, Converse are Converse, RIGHT?" So off we trudge with Beanie making those, "Don-wanna-wear-boy-shoes" faces. Come to discover, old mom is right, Converse ARE Converse...and black is cool.

Back to our trying on spot...I stuffed the heel lift in there...and then I sat cross-legged on the floor dealing with the unlacing and re-lacing that comes with a new set of Converse on a kid who can't bend her legs.

You should have see her face when she stood up. Positively beaming. And then she cantered about the store..."Mom, MOM, my heel lift doesn't slide in these...I don't feel like I'm going to fall...Mom, I LOVE these"..."yes, dear, now come over here and shhh, people are staring"...No, I didn't really say that...I thought it a teeny bit, and then got over myself.

Anyway, one look and Bear wanted those EXACT same shoes. Never mind that she NEEDS, she was having the same shoes as Beanie. I caved. I am a child of the 80s who never got my very own pair of Converse...I borrowed a pair from my wasn't the same and frankly, it makes me weak in these situations.

So then came the next difficult portion...finding a 13, wait, no a 12, oh wait, you look like a duck, maybe an black. There was a black one with flames that BOTH of the girls decided was too boyish...I'd have had them...flames are cool. Anyway, in time the proper sized black all-stars were procured.

Of course, they couldn't have matching shoes and leave Monkey-Face out. My kids are considerate that way. And determined. "Mom, just think of how she would feel...oh, Mom, pa-lease, look at how cute these pink ones are...C'mon Mom, you know she loves pink...Plllleeeeeeesssssseee!!" So what happened? I don't know why you can see the picture right there...I melted...just like a marshmallow in the microwave. Just sad.

They tried to talk me into getting a matching pair myself. They were so cute, searching up and down for just the right shoes for mom, while I, dutifully searched for the new pair of sandals I actually needed...and they found some pink ones. But I was strong. Number one they were low tops...not my favorite...AND they weren't the plaid ones...if they had been I'd have been lost.

So for awhile, you'll be able to recognize me around town...I'll be the one with the herd of Converse traipsing behind me.

See ya around...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I almost felt like blogging today...

I've been sorely neglecting this blog.

I know it.

I see it and feel guilty.

Just thought I'd let you know, we are all alive and all is well.

I'll be back...

I almost had a post today...but then it passed.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th.

See ya around...