Monday, September 29, 2008

Boxes, Baskets, Beauties and Bug Bottoms...

Yep, got 'em far all I've succeeded in doing is making a mess...But ah, the plans I have...

The weather has been so lovely we've had the windows open for days...I LOVE this time of year. The late night soccer games and glo stick fun and star gazing...and the all day open windows that mean that lessons can come in and go out at will. Spring and Autumn are my very favorite. Theirs, too... (Well, and Christmas/Birthdays of course.)

And here are the best pictures of the wasp through the microscope...Boy, oh BOY! It is hard to get a good shot of a couple day dead wasp under a microscope. There must be a trick to it...but I don't know it yet. Still, check out that stinger! Notice that there are no barbs on it, as there would be on a honey yep, this guy could sting over and over and over and...well you get it.

See ya around...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sehen Sie den Hut auf meinem Kopf? Es ist eine GLOCKE.

Which means, per my babblefish translation..."Do you see the hat on my head? It is a BELL."

Chicken-the-bird has found her bell...she thinks it makes a fine hat...she even sleeps with it that way. Bubba and I think it makes her look a little German. If only she could speak, we would teach her the title of this post...but sadly, all she can do is whistle. I need to come up with a German song to teach her. Oh, my cousins residing it GERMANY??? Any suggestions?

On to other news...the littler girls are having a pretty good time with their preschool and kindergarten crafts...we'll have to make a few more of these because they are a hit...the one on the left is ROSE and the other is GEORGE. OH, the adventures that Rose and George have had. I must say that they've held up admirably over the last 5 days. Rose is a touched squished and you have to MAKE her close her mouth and George is good as new after the arm gluing incident. I found the craft (actually this and a ton more) at DLTK ... this is just one of the crafts on the "B" page. Fun FUN!!

We also had some excitement. As we were gardening we found this...

Here is a still shot...

It is a wasp of some sort. We captured it. Actually it was easier than it would seem to catch a wasp...but because it was on the ground and pretty intent on that hole, we just upended a jar over it. After the...uh...euthanization...every kid on the block got to see it under the microscope...I'll have to get a picture and show you it's eyes and it's stinger...amazing.

And finally, the progress on my two rooms isn't NEARLY as much as I'd like...but there has been some.

Here is the schoolroom...the books in the smaller shelf on the left have all been inventoried...the stuff on the right, and floor are still waiting to be inventoried. I did get most of the stuff out of my kitchen. The pink tabs are simply row and column references so I can put it into my inventory spread sheet.

My cousin, Oddy, (Mr Dinosaur's wife see October 2007 on my other blog) is an organization guru along the lines of those people on Clean Sweep...oh how I wish she didn't live so far away. She just sent me pictures of a project in my uncle's house...and it made me a little jealous that they have that brain residing so close. Miss you, Odd.

And here is the playroom. The baskets STILL are not in. Actually, to be truthful, the inventory on line said that they were in for ONE day, but I couldn't GO that day, so I missed out. About that time I said, "FINE, FORGET IT" and went and picked up cardboard banker's boxes. They aren't permanent but at the very least we are making a touch of headway. I need to do most of it when the kids aren't looking though, because you would not believe how important odd little MacDonald's toys really ARE to the 5yo...especially if she can't remember getting them at MacDonald's. There is much more drama in the sorting than I expected.

We also have a TON of soccer pictures but you know how soccer is, a BUNCH of kids in one shot. And I don't have permission from all those kid's parents to post them. I'd rather be safe than sorry with other people's children. But, just so you know, Bubba, Beanie and Bear are having a's that for alliteration. Bubba is coaching, Beanie is "helping" and Bear is playing. AND Bear scored the first 5 goals of the season in our game on Saturday. She just loves it. You should see her grin as she runs in the makes me so happy.

(There I think I fixed the formatting...picasa has the ability to link to your album, which it already sort of does, all you have to do is click the picture...but the added link shows up at the bottom, skewing the formatting of everything else. Turn off the link and you can do more with the formatting. I learn sumpin' new everyday. HAZAAR!!)

See ya around...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

What a 3 weeks it's been...

Remember this?
From August 2008
Well over the last couple of weeks we've gotten her she looks like this...
From August 2008
and this
From August 2008

But I'm not going to show you what my kitchen looked like, because, well, it was unseemly.

While that was going on we decided to reorganize the play room and the school room...but we don't have the proper baskets yet so even with the new shelves the playroom STILL looks like this...
From 09.2008.Pics

And because he's been so busy, Bubba hasn't been able to finish my new shelf in the school it looks like this...
From 09.2008.Pics
and this
From 09.2008.Pics

And so other than wanting to live in my refridgerator which is apparently the only organized place in the house...I'm a little discombobulated. I can't wait to get it all done.

Still, we have had the opportunity for a little fun.
From 09.2008.Pics
From 09.2008.Pics

And of course, life isn't really worth the living without a little bit of science...(thank heaven for other people who have time to blog, eh? "Happy Things" )
From 09.2008.Pics
From 09.2008.Pics

See ya around...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dedicated to my darling 5 year old...

Well, it isn't her birthday and we aren't celebrating anything here. But...this has been a REALLY tough week on Bear. In light of her burning desire to interrupt, burst into tears, yell and have her way...and my absolute conviction that she SHOULD NOT EVER hit, smack, pinch, grab, toss, poke or otherwise abuse, accost, annoy, assail, attack, bother, disturb, encroach, harass, harm, interfere, misuse, tease, torment, trouble, or vex ANYONE...not to be limited to her sisters and HER MOTHER...I give you ODE TO BEAR. May it dampen my yearning to seek out Gypsies who may desire a sparkly haired 5 year old for their own purposes.

THERE! Now I feel much better.

I started writing this a few days ago...thinking that I needed a shot of cuteness to help with the stress level. What I actually needed was the time to remember. To cherish the adorable, vivacious, sarcastic, hilarious and wonderful little girl that Bear is.

For years, when I've been overwhelmed, I've written an "I love you because" list. This list comes into play whenever I'm frustrated in a relationship, ANY relationship. I sit down with a pad of paper and write down 5 things I like about the person. It usually starts with silly things, "I like your car," for instance. But, in time, when I can refocus on the things that I like/love in a person, the negative nonsense falls away and I'm left realizing we ALL have our warts, but they don't define us.

So here it is, my "I Love you Because" Ode to Bear. The tireless, energetic, precocious, sparkling JOY of my life. The pictures I've taken over the years only reflect who she is. I'm thankful that I've been right here, looking not at her reflection, but at the real her, with all her many facets. And I'm thankful to the Lord that I get to be the mother who ushers her through THIS and many other difficult times in her life. I pray that I always remember that I'm simply here to round off her edges, never to change her brilliance.

Besides, if I'm ever in a less philosophic mood, this would be a great marketing tool to send to those gypsies!

See ya around...